What Are The Steps To Open A New Mobile Store?

How your own m-commerce website could look likeWith m-commerce transactions more than trebling in the past year, the question: “what are the steps to open a new mobile store” has never been more pertinent.

Here at MyMCart we understand that making the most of this traffic can be a daunting prospect – that’s why we’ve consciously made the process of providing your mobile-based visitors with a streamlined, easier to use, specifically built version of your site incredibly simple.

Although we have many different options for customers who wish just to promote their brand, or those that wish to have just a catalogue of products, and those that would like a  kitchen sink solution; the most popular product, which suits the vast majority of e-commerce site owners, the process is as simple as:

  1. Registering your brief details
  2. Add your store’s details
  3. Pick your product
  4. Login to your dashboard (which shows your orders, products shipped and revenue, as well as social sharing options)
  5. Add your product details (individually or via a .csv file)
  6. Set up your payment gateway details
  7. Adding the sniffer code into your site to automatically directing your mobile traffic, or simply adding a link on your main site.

If you do have any questions relating to the suitability of our packages or would like any more information about the grown in m-commerce for your industry, drop us a line.

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