Use Your Head, Not Statistics

If the data from a large, multi-sector website indicated that there was a dip in mobile use would you be right to halt your mobile marketing strategy and pump more money into Adwords, content or competitions? Just have a good think about how the world is changing before you pull the plug.

The data above is from an anonymous multi-sector site that doesn’t serve its content differently to mobile users. The data runs from late 2010 and shows what proportion of the traffic is using an iPhone, iPad, iPod, HTC or Blackberry. You don’t have to be a genius to work out that the figures don’t add up. Having double and treble checked the data from Google Analytics to confirm the theory that I wanted to prove, I can assert that Google’s early mobile data uses a hideous amount of guess work. And even now much of the data Google offers in their Analytics tool is ‘estimated’.

The message is clear: don’t over-rely on statistics from Google Analytics or anywhere else. Observing the actions of those around you and yourself is key. If you’re sat on the tube on the way into work and browse Amazon’s recommendations on their mobile app, or sit down browsing the ASOS mobile site whilst you’re waiting for your lunch to arrive; then you do really need to think about if you’re serving people like you the way you would like to be served. If not, you should really do something about it.

Images © erix

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