How should I promote my new MymCart mobile website?

Mobile Website PromotionAfter registering for a MymCart mobile website, it is time to decide which features you would like to make use of and how you would like to promote it. As a summary, here are some basic steps worth considering:

  • Populate your website – Each company will have different requirements and levels of information to hand. We do suggest, however, that you at least add your company logo, company introduction, social media profile links, and most importantly, a correct telephone number.

    MymContent customers should also consider listing the services they offer – these pages can be the most powerful in terms of encouraging visitors to call you.

    MymCatalogue and MymCommerce customers should add their products via a CSV export from their eCommerce system or individually via the “Products” section within the MymCart dashboard.

  • View it “live”- at the top-right-hand corner of the dashboard you will see a link to your mobile website which allows to check the formatting of your mobile-optimised website on a smartphone. Alternatively you could use this emulator if you don’t have a mobile phone to hand.

    You should also check the contact form to ensure the responses are going to the correct inbox.

  • Add the redirection code – when you’re happy with how your mobile website appears it is time to add the “Device Detection Code” to the top of your desktop website’s template. You can find out how and where to add this code here. You can also find your specific code when you log-in to your dashboard.
  • Promote your mobile website – contrary to popular belief, you do not need to submit your mobile website to the most popular search engines. Google, Bing et al will discover your mobile website via the Device Detection Code. What will also help, however, is having links to your mobile website from other websites.
  • Utilise Google’s services – one website worth obtaining a link from is a Google Places for Business account. If you don’t already have an account you can set one up here.Ideally you would also have an individual account with Google+. This would allow you to assign yourself as an author. This is widely considered as a method of improving your mobile website’s Google rankings.
  • Share your new website – 50% of Facebook’s and Twitter’s users access their services via mobile devices. They, therefore, offer abundant opportunities to promote your newly launched mobile website. Furthermore, all of your new website’s pages have social sharing buttons and therefore offers an easy method to share your mobile content to your followers.

    It is worth noting that search engines do have access to social sharing data so this could conceivably help your search engine strategy too.

  • Consider Mobile Paid Search – Google and other search engines allow you to create specific adverts that only appear when people use search engines on a smartphone. It would be beneficial to create a tailored message within your advert and direct people to a specific page on your mobile website.  To further enhance your mobile advertising campaign you could consider using a subdomain, e.g. Contact us if you would like to find out how you can set one up.
  • Think Offline – Business cards, flyers, brochures, your company vehicles can all feature your mobile URL in addition to your desktop website.

Your mobile website is a wonderful method of increasing inbound calls. Contact us if you would like more guidance in making the most of your new mobile website.

Image © Sean MacEntee

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