How to Choose a Mobile Website Template Solution

The internet is awash with mobile template themes for WordPress sites – which makes it difficult for those with traditional ecommerce stores to find a viable solution for their mobile website needs. Hence one quick way is to search Google or any other search engine and add ‘-wordpress’ to the end of your keywords. However, if you’d like more useful advice, read on.

Free – do you get what  you pay for?
There are a number of free services that allow you to create mobile-optimised websites. However, the level of flexibility offered varies and none give you the opportunity to add your product database into the store and hook up PayPal to take payments. If you’re looking at ‘free’ perhaps you should consider what you’re actually getting for the time it’ll take you to set up and how it meets your needs.

Mobile SEO as standard?
Other aspects you should look at is how a particular mobile website solution affects your SEO. Is ‘best practice’ mobile built in or an option? Or is it simply not possible to hook up your desktop version of your site with your mobile site to avoid the SEO pitfall of content duplication?

Coping with social sharing traffic?
Also worth considering is how you can relate the version of your sites to make the most of your social traffic. Internet users often share content via the social networks and they’re increasingly doing so on mobile devices. If you cannot relate your product databases, wherever they are you’ll be missing sales.

Too much tinkering?
When you launch a mobile website you’ll be inclined to play around with it. You may like to consider the benefit of spending your time changing the templates or working on your content and product information. At MyMCart we have conducted a great deal of research on how to best present data in a mobile format. We’ll continue to analyse data and improve the design, we’ll leave you to work on the product information.

How quick is to get live?
One of the great advantages of a mobile template solution is time. Platforms such as ours allow you to have your own mobile-optimised website live within minutes. For eCommerce sites with full product listings, this may take as much as half an hour if you have a CSV of your products to hand. If you use Google’s Merchant service already, you can often just re-purpose that csv and you’ll have your site live even sooner.




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