What should a mobile content management system offer?

The daily life of a business owner is a balance between doing the stuff you know you really need to do and actually finding the time to do it. You’ll also know from your own experience that internet users are accessing websites via their mobile devices in ever-increasing numbers. But what you may not know is that now 40% of mobile internet searches have local intent.

Back in August 2011 Ofcom reported (pdf) that 28% of UK residents had a mobile phone with internet capabilities. In  2012 this figure should exceed one in three and continue to grow rapidly – with some even predicting that mobile will overtake desktop computers as our primary method of accessing internet content by 2015.

So the message is clear, people want to consume your information on their mobile phones. The second part of the business owners’ conundrum is actually making it happen for them. The ability to create a mobile website easily and cheaply is key – and that’s why we’ve created a mobile content management suite that allows you to get your mobile website live within minutes, and at an affordable price.

In terms of features for a content-based mobile website to generate inbound calls, we believe these will be important to you:

  • Be incredibly simple to get live
  • Be very easy to use – you don’t need to know html
  • Updated in real-time
  • Ability to brand it
  • Have the option to enhance the SEO as you wish with custom title tags, meta descriptions and canonical links.
  • Take calls directly from the web-page
  • Understand how people are using your mobile website with the aid of Google Analytics
  • Not have any usage limitations
  • Be compatible with all smartphones
  • Have the ability to include social sharing buttons
  • Have support to help you make the most of it
  • Be compliant with  Google’s and other search engine’s requirements

Thus, if you’re looking for a mobile website content management system then do make sure you have those features as either standard or available at a reasonable price.

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