I Want It, And I Want It Now. Oh and I’ll Be Spending More Too

Earlier in the week we proved that convenience is the primary driver for m-commerce sales. Today we take a look at another major driving of mobile-enacted transactions: immediacy.

If you have the eCommerce module set up in Google Analytics you can see the number of visits it takes for an individual conducts before purchasing. If you set up an advanced goal of non-mobile users (Include, Mobile, Containing, No) you can compare how keen people are to buy from you between those that are using mobile devices and non-mobile devices.

The data below if for a service provider that people can transact. It shows that people are 50% more likely to convert on the first visit if they are using a mobile device than if they’re using a desktop.

So we know mobile consumers take less convincing to buy, but do they spend as much? Looking at another source of data we can see they do …

On this test mobile users spend about 11.25% more than non-mobile users.

So let’s get this straight, mobile users are more keen to spend money there and then, and when they do, they spend more. But … we’ve forgot one important question. The overall conversion rate of the user over the standard 30 day period …

that’s right … you can’t convert mobile traffic …

With a bit of simply maths and using the data above, you could double your mobile sales and get them to spend 25% more per transaction by having a mobile site. On £10,000 of sales per month that would increase by £2,376.30. Not bad for a few minutes work every month.

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