What’s new in the latest version of MymCart?

Blog Feed DisplayThis month we are proud to announce a number of updates to your mobile website’s core functionality. Many of the enhancements listed below will need to be activated via the dashboard before they become visible to your visitors. However many enhancements have already been implemented and do not need to be actioned.

Below you can view details of the enhancements which are now available with the latest version of MymCart:

Call Back
The most common reason service-based companies have a mobile-optimised website is to increase phone calls. To further enhance this rate we have included a “call back” feature which allows visitors to your mobile website to request a call within a time range. After a visitor has used this feature you would receive an email with the nature of their query, their name, telephone number and how soon they would like to be called back.

Social Marketing
To help leverage the hard work that you put into your company blog, you now have the opportunity to list your latest blog posts as a separate page within your mobile website.  Customers will see your five most recent posts, a clickable post title and snippet from the blog post itself. When users click on the post title they will be directed to the blog post on your desktop website.

We have also improved the Twitter feed to include a button that will allow visitors to follow you.

Enhance Product Display
MymCatalogue and MymCommerce customers now have their products displayed with enhanced microformatting. This helps search engines understand your product data and display it within their search results pages – increasing your click-through-rate as a result.

Improved Category Pages
You now have the ability to add category descriptions. This text appears above the product list for a given category and gives you the ability to offer more detailed information about those products. You can also use this facility to further enhance your mobile search engine optimisation (SEO) by adding relevant keywords.

Your SEO can further be enhanced with the use of variable page titles and meta descriptions which will give you the opportunity to broaden the scope of your target keywords and potentially increase traffic as a result.

Enhanced People Profiles
With the release of this version of MymCart, you can now use an HTML editor to format text and images. This should speed up the process of adding new content to your mobile website and present the information in a more appealing fashion to your visitors.

Add Homepage Content to MymCatalogue and MymCommerce
Customers with MymCatalogue and MymCommerce packages now have the ability to add text below the featured products showcase on the homepage. This not only allows you to enhance your mobile search engine optimisation, but also gives you the opportunity to communicate your unique selling points or key marketing messages.

For more detailed information regarding how to make the most of these new features you can download the relevant user guides:

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone regarding these enhancements please do contact us on 0161 713 2972 or email your support team on enquiries@mymcart.com.

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