How To Build A Mobile Website Using MymCart

For those of you who would like a quick run-down of the stages to getting your mobile websites live with MymCart we listed the five simple steps:

1)      Sign-up
When you sign-up we pre-populate your mobile website with your company’s basic information such as telephone number, address and site name – which are all given in the form.  At this stage you can choose which package you would like.

These packages give you the opportunity to enhance your website with additional content options, social media integration and search engine optimisation features.

2)      Branding
After you have signed-up you can choose to add a logo at the top of the page and a banner just below the “call us” button. This banner can be switched for a navigable map should you require. You can also add a branded desktop icon so that your customers can save a link to your website on their mobile phone desktop screen.

3)      Content
Adding content to your homepage is essential to educate your website visitors to call or contact you. However, we also give you additional content options such as service pages, photo galleries, profiles of important members of your company, display YouTube videos and add multiple office locations and contact details.

4)      SEO & Social
Your mobile website will, if implemented correctly, be found by the search engines. To help you manage the SEO of your website correctly we give you the opportunity to add what are called “canonical tags” to the mobile version. This will help protect the SEO of your main website should you wish to copy content over.

You may also like to feature your social networking profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on your website, so be sure to fill out the details within the “social” section of the dashboard.

5)      Sniffer Code
This is perhaps the most important step in the whole process of creating a mobile website. We detail the specific code within your dashboard, this will specific to your own mobile website and will include your store name at the end of the URL.

Without this redirect code being included in your website mobile users will not be redirect to your new mobile website.

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