Convenience: Why You Need A Mobile Site

The ‘Day in the life of a mobile commerce user’ report (pdf) from ondevice offers a great deal of useful information about how people use mobile ecommerce platforms and is certainly a ‘must read’ for any ecommerce marketing manager.

One data set that stands out is for why an individual actually purchased or researched a product. They most common answer was: “it was the easiest way for me to do it.”

We can put the importance of this into context by looking at the alternative answers: mobile advertising, pre-planned purchase, boredom, finding the best deal, immediacy, personal recommendation…

Source: Ondevice research

Combining the two reasons that are specific to mobile devices: convenience (handheld and can be used ‘on the go’) and mobile ads (by definition they don’t appear on desktop machines) then it becomes apparent how the benefits of mCommerce are incredibly important to website owners. Furthermore, one could easily assert that ‘immediacy’ is analogous with convenience, then reasons to develop or acquire a mobile commerce platform becomes even more critical – combined the reasons to transact through a mobile phone or tablet increases to a staggering 57%.

You might want to re-read that figure again: 0ver half of people that purchase on mobile phones or tablets do so because it was quick or easy to research and transact. If you are not making it quick and easy for your customers to buy from you then you are effectively telling your customers you’re not interested in their custom.

How that number specifically relates to you will be dependent on which sector you operate in. Recent research shows, for example, that a third of fashion shoppers are using their mobile devices to transact – that is a very large pool of potential customers and without a mobile site it will become increasingly difficult to gain customers given the increased chances that your competitors will have a mobile site and Google specifically pushes searchers to mobile ecommerce platforms.

It’s so easy to use Google Analytics to highlight the scale of the problem, if you need any help understanding your statistics, then drop us a line.



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