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FAQ: Will my website work on all smartphones and other mobile devices?
MymCart will work on all smartphones.


Will it work on all sites?

One of the advantages of outsourcing your mobile website design to a company such as MymCart which uses a template solution is that we are solely focused on launching mobile-optimised websites. You can have a mobile website launched within an hour by just adding your company and sales information into the content management system and from the mobile-optimised template it will work across all mobile phones.

Each smartphone has a separate screen resolution and feature list. They do, however, all react to the html5 mobile tags in essentially the same way. Therefore, so long as those tags have been implemented correctly, your mobile website should look almost the same across all devices.

Given that screen-resolutions and sizes are often very different, we have used a template structure to account for this. As a result, buttons will stretch across the screen and images auto resize so that your logos, banners and other imagery doesn't disappear off the side of the page. Furthermore, your text will fit the full width of the screen. You can, if needed, restrict the design from doing this by placing text in fixed-width tables should you require.

To account for the different abilities of mobile devices to display embedded videos and certain other content technologies, we have helpfully restricted the inclusion of various media formats. You can, however, still add images via the gallery and include YouTube videos as well as still being able to link to PDFs, Excel, Word documents and the like, should you wish.