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Why do I need a mobile-optimised website?
"The data from respected organisations such as Google, eBay, IMRG and Worldpay all suggest that not having a mobile website will cost you sales."

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Website Now.

There are numerous reasons why you need to secure a mobile website today:

Switch From Desktop to Mobile

There has been a massive explosion in the number of smartphone users over the past two years and this growth is set to continue. Currently 14 million UK users access the internet via their mobile devices.

In fact, Microsoft asserts that mobile internet usage will outstrip desktop access by 2014.

Your Customers Expect You To

Internet users quickly abandon brands that do not make it easy to engage with them on mobile devices. In fact 30% of smartphone users would not buy from a non-optimised store.

For service-based businesses that often require calls from customers, the need for a mobile-optimised website can be considered more striking. Microsoft states that 70% of mobile users make an "action" – a call or a Contact Us form submission within an hour. This compares to one month for desktop users.

Mobile Users are Socially Connected

Mobile web-browsers have social sharing options built in and with the costs of pay-per-click traffic increasing on an annual basis and search engine optimisations becoming increasing more difficult, social sharing can be seen as a cost-effective method of increasing sales and leads.

Mobile websites that have easy to locate social sharing buttons further increase the chances of your products or services becoming visible in the social web.

Search Engines Prioritise Mobile Content

When users access search engines on their smartphones, mobile-optimised content is prioritised. As visitors become more difficult to attract, a mobile website gives you the opportunity to increase your customer-base through enhanced mobile rankings.

Search Engines Prioritise Mobile Content

Mobile internet users can save links to their favourite websites on their mobile devices to access directly when they need to make a purchasing decision.

MymCart allows you to create a desktop link for users to quickly load your mobile website.

Furthermore, approximately 40% of smartphone users access mobile websites to compare prices in-store. Having a website that people can access quickly will help you to generate sales remotely.

The amount of mobile searches which lead to a call to action, compared to the same number for a month on desktop sites.

Source: Microsoft
The value of goods being purchased through mobile devices in 2017. This equates to 30% of total eCommerce transactions.

The amount of users who would not buy from a non-optimised mobile website.

Source: IAB
The amount of people who said they would spend more through a mobile-optimised website.

Source: eBay (pdf)
The reduction in your response rate for mobile users if you don't have a mobile website.

Source: SAScon
How many smartphone users have compared prices in store.

Source: Internal