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FAQ: How do I update my mobile website?
You can update your mobile website via the MymCart dashboard.

Update anytime, by yourself.

How to update your mobile websiteThe ability to update the content of your mobile website without the need to reply on your web designer or web-development agency is a significant advantage of having a mobile content management system, in that you have full access to change the site as frequently as you wish.

The MymCart CMS allows you to update a wide variety of content and feature options. You can change your branding, manage your mobile SEO, news section, information regarding the services you offer, videos, image gallery, locations and add more ad hoc pages as you require.

The changes you make within the content management system will go live as soon as you click "save" so it is worthwhile checking through content before you do so. At the top of every page you will be given the URL of the mobile version of your site. You can click on the "world" icon next to it to view the current version of your website.