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FAQ: How do I use the MymCart mobile content management system?
It takes less than half an hour to get a fully-working mobile website live.


How does the MymCart CMS work?

When you signed-up to MymCart you would have submitted some basic information such as your company's address, company name and telephone number. We would use this information to make your mobile website in a very basic form. After the sign-up process you will have the ability to enhance your mobile website with more information such as your branding, homepage text, additional office details, lists of services, videos, a gallery, SEO options and news items. eCommerce customers will also be able to upload their products.

Your mobile website will have html5 design features that are required by mobile browsers to display your information correctly on mobile devices. You then have an opportunity with the 'Enhanced' and 'Expert' pack to update your SEO options to fully set-up a search engine friendly website. We would also recommend that you also add information about the range of services you offer to further help inform your customers as to how your company is relevant to them.