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FAQ: Is my MymCart mobile-optimised website SEO compliant?
We have built search engine optimisation into all of MymCart's products.

Optimising your site

The most frequently asked questions relate to mobile SEO and specifically how having a mobile website will affect the search engine optimisation of customers' current desktop websites.

Within the content management system we offer a complete SEO solution. For each page you can obviously manage the content of the page to enhance its relevance for your target keywords, but you can also update their title and Meta Descriptions.

Does the MymCart have any SEO options?

An additional SEO feature is the ability to add what's called a 'canonical' tag. This tells the search engines the specific mobile page selected is directly related to a specific page on your desktop site. According to the search engines this should prevent their being any, so called, 'duplicate content' penalties, which could cause your desktop site to be penalised in the search results pages. If this feature is used appropriately this shouldn't be an issue.