Are there any product limitations for my MymCart mobile commerce platform? - FAQ
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Can I upload as many products as I like?
You can add products to your store via web-upload or ftp via a CSV file or individually.

Product Limits?

Currently there are no product limits for your mCommerce store. We do, however, suggest that you may like to keep the number to fewer than 6,000 to keep the upload time at a suitable length. The system will still work perfectly fine with more than 6,000 products. However, it may visually appear to have stalled. When you have started the upload process you can navigate away from the page and the products will continue to be added to your mobile store.

Why does it take a few minutes to upload?
For the mast majority of customers a full product upload or refresh takes no more than a minute. However, if you have a great number of products it is likely to take longer. The most significant part of the upload process is where the system grabs the images you have included and processes them into an optimal format and then saves them onto the MymCart hosting. We do this because your mobile website should work in issolation. If the hosting 'goes down' for your mobile website, customers would still be able to buy from your mobile website. Another benefit of hosting the files on our server is that you are unlikely to be charged for excessive bandwidth charges.

If you would prefer to just add new products or delete them without having to re-upload a CSV you can do so within the dashboard. Within the products section of the dashboard you will see an option at the top right-hand side of the page where you have the option to add required and desired product information. At the bottom of the same page you have the ability to delete products you have selected, or all products. If you would like to remove all products with specific criteria such as a brand name or category then you can do this by using the filter at the top of the same page.