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FAQ: Why should my mobile website designer include Press to Call in my mobile-optimised website?
Press-to-call will help convert more of your mobile visitors to sales enquiries.

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How do I set up press to call on my mobile website?To increase the response rates of your mobile marketing strategy we have made every templated mobile phone number what's called "press to call" This allows your visitors to press on the phone number displayed in your website to call your company.

Forcing your customers to copy the phone number from the webpage to their dialling screen can be a significant barrier to capturing a new sale. Ensuring you submit the most appropriate telephone number into the dashboard is therefore crucial to making the most of your mobile website.

If you have many different offices or branches which serve specific geographic areas, it would be worthwhile adding them all into the dashboard. This will allow customers to locate their closest office using the maps and navigation tool. Allowing customers to find their closest office would also go some way to enhancing the value of your mobile website.