Set-up a mobile website mCommerce store - FAQ
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FAQ: Is my MymCart compatible with all eCommerce platforms?
MymCart will work with all eCommerce platforms as it relies on CSV files and not custom integrations.


The MymCart mobile website design system is a powerful combination of product CSV files and mobile-optimised html5 templates. CSV files can be created from any eCommerce platform that uses databases to publish product pages. The level of web-development experience required will differ from each platform. However, most eCommerce solutions offer the ability to export product lists into either csv or xml for use with Google Merchant Centre. If you are importing an xml file into Excel to transform it into a CSV file you should select 'Open as read only Workbook' when prompted.

MymCart was created in such a way that every online store owner would have the ability to quickly and easily set up their mobile-optimised webshop without the need for extensive and costly web development resource. As such, we offer a CSV-based solution that would be relevant for the widest number of customers.

Customers who wish to update a store by adding products individually can do so via the dashboard. Here customers can add product details such as product name, description, price, size, colour, image, additional images and the like. On this page customers will also be able to amend product details without the need to create a new CSV file.