How do i accept payments with MymCart's mCommerce Platform? - FAQ
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FAQ: How does the process of taking payments work?
Payments will take place via PayPal.

Payment Options

The ability to take payment for goods via your mobile shopping cart is powered by PayPal. This is the most ubiquitous of payment gateways and is seen as standard with many online retailers. We make use of the PayPal API to encrypt and send the order details to PayPal. In the dashboard you will see a menu item called 'PayPal' where you will be able to add your specific PayPal API credentials. You can find these by logging into PayPal, click 'Profile' under 'My Account'. You then need to select 'My selling tools' and 'Request API Credentials'. At this stage they will show you the three specific 'keys' and usernames. You can then imput this data into the MymCart PayPal page.

Within the MymCart dashboard you will be able to download orders. Either individually or as a CSV to cross-check your orders.