Example website
FAQ: Do I need to know how to code HTML to use my MymCart?
You don't need any HTML or design experience, but it may be helpful when enhancing your site.

Skills required?

Anyone can deslign a mobile website

You might have thought that to create a mobile-friendly website you would have needed a good amount of html or CSS knowledge. However, the MymCart content management system is as simple to use as the most basic features of Microsoft Word. The content management system only requires you to write or paste in text, upload images and fill out some very basic fields.

Even the SEO options don't require an extensive knowledge of search engine optimisation. Within the SEO section you have the ability to change what we call the "SEO Title" field which relates to a webpage's <title> tag. This should be a short (approximately 70 characters) description of what the page is about and should include, in natural language format, the main keywords you are trying to appear for when people search. This page is often what you will see as the clickable element of a search engine's results page.

The 'SEO Description' gives you twice the opportunity to describe what can be found on the page as you have around 140 characters to work with. This text is what is often seen below the clickable <title> tag in the search results.