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FAQ: What features could my new mobile website have?
MymCart is a very powerful mobile website platform which gives you access to a wide range of features.

Editing Your Website

Within the MymCart mobile content management system you have a full list of options to edit your content via the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) options. They include the ability to embolden; italicise, underline; strikethrough; add superscript; subscript; ordered and unordered lists; tab content across; left, right, centre and justify align text, change text direction from left and right align; and in-page anchors; add images, tables, horizontal lines, special characters and change font and background colours.

Can I use a html editor for my mobile-optimised website?

One feature that is commonly used is the ability to pad images and remove the padding on either the left or right-hand-side. You can do this when you set the image URL by selecting either left or right align, choosing a number for the HSpace field (5 often works well) and then clicking "Advanced". Changing the style so the "style left" is removed. You can have a play around with this if you are particular about how the page will look.

If you are confident enough to use an html editor you have the ability to do so by clicking on the "source" button at the top left-hand-side of the editor. This will give you greater flexibility to redesign your content as you wish. Here you will be able to use the standard tags that you commonly use in content management software such as Wordpress, Blogger and the like.