Design a mobile website for selling products - FAQ
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FAQ: How can I upload products to my mobile eCommerce store?
You can add products to your store via web-upload or ftp via a CSV file or individually.

CSV Upload

One of the simplest methods of adding a large number of products to your mobile eCommerce store is to export a list of your products from your eCommerce platform, along with other essential information such as:

  • Product code - your unique product identifier such as an SKU

  • Product name - the name of the product which will be clickable within the product menus
  • Description - the product description

  • Category Path - you can create categories and subcategories using >'s such as Books > Non-fiction > History > Vikings. If you would just like to place a product in a top level category you don't need to use a >

  • Price - the price at which products will be bought

  • Image - the main image that is displayed on the product and category pages

  • SEO URL - the related page on your eCommerce store. This is used within an SEO context in the canonical field. This will help with the seo of your mobile and desktop site

We also give customers the opportunity to display other product data, such as:

  • Search terms - specific keywords you would like this product to appear in the site's internal search results. This is in addition to a product's name and description

  • RRP - you can use the recommended retail price field if you would like to highlight a discounted price

  • Size - if a product has variations in size or colour for the same price, you can list the differences. You would therefore have multiple records (rows) for the same product name and id

  • Image 2 etc. - this allows you to add an additional three images per product name. To make use of this you would have up to three additional columns in your CSV for each product

  • Featured - adding a 1 in this column would give a product 'featured' status and be shown on the mobile site's homepage as part of a slider. If a product had a '0' it wouldn't be featured. If no products were given featured status within the csv the system would assign them randomly

  • Product Last updated date - this is used within the FTP upload option.

Can I add one product at a time?
An alternative method of adding new products is to add them individually. At the top-right-hand side of the dashboard you will see a button called "create a new product". This gives you the opportunity to include additional products into the system one at a time and may be an appropriate method if you didn't wish to create a whole new CSV file. You will still have the ability to upload product images, categories, colours, sizes, product descriptions, etc.