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FAQ: How do I use the MymCart mobile content management system?
The mobile site CMS is both feature-packed and very easy to use

Ease of Use

How does the MymCart CMS work?

Within the content management system you can manage the usual account options such as login details, change your logo, update and add new office locations and contact details, change your search engine optimisation settings, add and change your associated social networking profile ids, add new pages, delete outdated ones, create news items, include YouTube videos, list and profile the services you offer, profile the key staff within your organisation (this would be another place to add your Google+ authorship details if required), add photos to your gallery and change the labels of the menu items.

You can also edit the content of mobile web-pages via a html editor. This will give you the full range of editing options and will allow you to generally create the webpages as you wish.