mCommerce mobile website set-up with a shopping cart - FAQ
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FAQ: What type of shopping cart does my MymCart mobile site have?
Your mobile website will include a fully-featured shopping cart and payments system.

Shopping Carts

With the MymCart mobile-optimised shopping cart you can offer your customers the opportunity to research your products, add them to their 'basket' and pay for them via their credit cards. Customers will receive confirmation emails as they purchase and store owners will also receive confirmation.

The shopping cart works in a standard format which allows customers to add one or more products, remove them, add a delivery address, comments or messages, per cent of sale voucher codes, delivery options and to receive a newsletter.

An enhanced shopping cart feature is the ability to give people the ability to store products within a 'wishlist' for them to return to at a later date if they are unable to purchase at that particular time.

The ablity to take payments is powered by PayPal where you have the ablity to have CSV exports of orders and payments.

Attached to the shopping cart is a reporting system that allows you to view orders by date or by reference number and download a CSV file of orders. You can also make changes to the shopping cart by changing the level at which free delivery is offered, at what price you offer delivery and if you offer different delivery classifications such as next day, etc.