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FAQ: How do I add my logo to my mobile-optimised website?
You can add your logo via the branding page within the dashboard.


How to brand your mobile websiteOne of the great features of a mobile-optimised website is that you can carry your branding from your current marketing collateral over to it. Not only can you add logos, banners and a mobile icon to your site - which are required in these formats: 640px x 220px, 640px x 84px, 114px x 114px respectively, but you can also add images to the text area of your website without having to resize them first.

If you add images to the content area of your website it will automatically be resized to fit by your browser due to the "viewport" Meta Tag that we include in the site's template. Although this certainly does help you in terms of updating your website, it would be useful to bear in mind that if your customers are using their mobile device outside of a Wi-Fi environment they would have to download the image over a 3g or 2g connection. It would be helpful, therefore, to make your images no greater than a maximum of 50kb each.

You don't have to add a simple logo in to the logo section of the mobile-optimised page. You could enhance it with further messages such as tag lines, etc. You do have the opportunity to replace the location map that is set as standard, with a banner which you can link to a specific page - perhaps to a service page with a special offer?