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How does the MymCart mobile commerce solution work? MymCart's mCommerce website development platform is primarily based on HTML5 templates and CSV files.

How Does It Work?

The MymCart mCommerce application combines mobile-optimised templates and product CSV files which can be created from all eCommerce systems. To launch an mCommerce store with MymCart all you need is the ability to create either CSV or XML product files with at least seven required fields.

To make your mCommerce store functional, the MymCart application would need to be able to use a unique product code - which is used when refreshing your store's content and forms the backbone of your store. The system also requires a product name, a product description, category path or category name, a product image and a URL for each product - which relates to the location of the product on your desktop website. You also have the opportunity to add supplementary information such as the search terms you would like a product to be listed for when a customer uses your mobile website's search feature. You can also show a RRP, different sizes and colours, additional product photos and whether or not the product is featured.


The mobile-optimised HTML5 template is the other half of the application. Each product page is created by combining the data within the CSV file and displays it in a specific format that has been designed to comply with the relevant mobile design standards. This template has also been designed so that your product and site information can be easily read and interacted with when viewed on a mobile device.