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FAQ: How can I include my Google Analytics tracking code into my mobile website?
You can include Google Analytics tracking code in the dashboard.

Google Analytics

There is an option within the General Settings page of your dashboard to include your Google tracking id (not the full code, just the particular id part) associated with the website profile you created in Google Analytics.

If you have entered a tracking code id to the content management system then your Google analytics tracking code will be added into the footer of every page on your mobile website.

Can I change the Analytics tracking code

It would be beneficial if you created a new profile for your mobile website as this would allow you to see the success of your mobile-optimised website in isolation. It will allow you to compare and contrast the types of keywords people use to find your new site, how long they stay, how many come direct from the search engines and how many are redirected. You will also be able to see which pages are the most popular.

You can also create specific "goals" which gives you the ability to test the conversion rates of pages. You could do this, for example, on the confirmation page of your contact form by letting Google count visits to that page by tracking the number of times a URL that includes "Send+enquiry" is viewed. You can find more information about Goals here.

eCommerce customers can also set up the Google Analytics "ecommerce" tracking facility which would give details of sales numbers, sales volume, individual items sold and conversion rates. You can find out more about this here.