Can i add affiliate tracking to my mCommerce CMS? - FAQ
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FAQ: Can I add affiliate tracking to my mCommerce store?
Affiliate tracking can be applied to mobile websites only via our affiliate network partners.


To better cope with duplication between your desktop website and your mobile version and to mitigate issues relating to duplicate sales due to having an affiliate campaign running on more than one network, we handle the tracking of affiliate commissions in a slightly different way than would be the case with desktop websites.

Currently affiliate tracking can only be specified when one of our affiliate network partners introduce a customer to us and have an affiliate programme live. This allows us to assign a sale correctly. Regardless if an affiliate links, via the network tracking URL, to either your desktop website or via the URL to your mobile site, it will still track. When a sale is made we do a database look-up to see if that retailer has an affiliate programme and then we assign the sale to an affiliate and record that with the affiliate network.

Currently we don't support affiliate tracking outside of the main UK networks of Affiliate Window, Webgains and Commission Junction.